in memory of Link ....

Our vision..

Our cats are part of our family, they live with us and the children. Socialization is a step that matters a lot to us, everyone participates in it.

Our history with "big ears"

A few years ago we had a soft spot for the Peterbalds. So we went to look for 3 cats, 1 male and 2 females. Unfortunately nothing went as planned and we were forced to abandon the project.
We had a hole in our hearts, a place to be filled by a breed of sticky cats and that's when my good friend Alexandre introduced me to his Orientals. Here it was, love at first sight !!!

Discover our oriental shorthair family

Our first was Link, love at first sight !! But unfortunately it did not last long, Link left us last February at the age of only 7 months.
A few weeks later the girls arrived. Zelda which was planned and Nayru was added to the family in an impromptu way.
Our fat boy Lars arrived home in the summer of 2020 accompanied by the beautiful little Farore, a cinnamon-colored oriental.


D.O.B. March 26, 2020

Color: Cinnamon

Dad : Amaltea Kallisto Orion of Amourichat
Mom : Amourichat Draculette


D.O.B. November 13, 2019

Color: Tortoiseshell

Dad : Amaltea Kallisto Orion of Amourichat
Mom : Amourichat Azuka


D.O.B. October 17, 2019

Color: Black & White

Dad : Shagio-Chen Jakab
Mom : Amourichat Abra


D.O.B. December 6, 2019

Color: Black & White

Dad : Shagio-Chen Jakab
Mom : Amourichat Tornade

ELEANORCATS Oriental Shorthair Sheik lilac classic

Benjamin of ELEANORCATS AKA Sheik


D.O.B. : May 15, 2020

Couleur : Lilac Classic

Dad : Tractor Sun's World
Mom : Mabel Samarskiy Pride

ELEANORCATS Oriental Shorthair Sheik black and white



D.O.B. : February 12, 2021

Color: Black & White

Dad : Amourichat Lars of ELEANORCATS
Mom : Amourichat Nayru of ELEANORCATS

Serengeti cat cinnamon

ELEANORCATS Princesse Mipha

Female - Serengeti

D.O.B. January 12, 2021

Color : Cinnamon Spotted

Mom : Amourichat Farore of ELEANORCATS

Female - Peterbald

D.O.B. April 10, 2021

Color : Blue

Dad : Brillance Patrice
Mom : Tandem Murra Iza

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Next step...

Book your future kittens with us!

Write to us to give your reservation deposit on your future kitten. We expect to have babies in late 2020, early 2021.