Pet kittens

  • 1800$ to 2100$ (cad) ($1350 to $1600 (usd)) Brown/melanistic
  • 2000$ to 2300$ (cad) ($1500 to $1750 (usd)) snow/charcoal/solid
  • 2100$ to 2500$ (cad) ($1600 to $1900 (usd)) silver/smoke
  • This prices include taxes (GST & QST)
  • Price subject to change without notice

Kittens with breeding rights

  • From 3000$ cad ($2300 usd) and more depending on the color and quality of the kitten.
  • This prices include taxes (GST & QST)
  • Certain conditions apply
  • Price subject to change without notice

Retired cats

  • Our adults are retired at the latest at the age of 5.
  • De 300$ à 1500$ selon la qualité et le tempérament du chat.
  • This prices include taxes (GST & QST)
  • Price subject to change without notice
Amelyann chaton socialisation bengal eleanorcats

Socialization, an important step.

Our kittens are handled every day from birth. They live in the house with us (and the children) at all times. They are very well socialized and their mom teaches them everything there is to know until the moment they leave.

The health of our babies is very important to us ...

They are :

  • sterilized 
  • Examined by vet 2x 
  • Vaccinated 2x
  • Dewormers 4x (Baycox, Interceptor, Strongid-T) 
  • TICA and/or CCC registered
  • Microchipped
Trio de chatons, bb Diamond bengal eleanorcats
mimzie bengal eleanorcats

... and that of adults too.

Our adults are tested:

  • FIV/FELV Negative
  • PKDef Negative
  • Pra-b Negative
  • HCM Negative

Starter kit

  • Up-to-date health record 
  • Food sample 
  • Toy
  • blanket (for house odors)
  • Pet carrier
  • Free insurance for 6 weeks
  • Rabais sur la nourriture
  • Pedigree de votre chaton
3 chatons bengal eleanorcats charcoal silver snow

Unequaled after-sales service

We will be there for you and your cat, throughout his life.

  • 7-day guarantee for viral diseases
  • 2 year warranty for congenital diseases
  • Lifetime warranty for the following genetic diseases:
    "Bengal Progressive Retinal Atrophy"
    "Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency"
  • Write us anytime for advice

Additional services

  • Complete starter kit $ 100 cad
  • Auto delivery service $100 cad and more 
  • Delivery service to Canada by air $400 cad
  • Worldwide delivery service ($$ to be confirmed)

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